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Train Advertisement


The summer 2023 campaign consisted of three 34.75" W x 51.5" H panels that were installed on curved walls at the entrances and exits of the train cars. The spring 2024 campaign comprised of two overhead panels inside the train (58.625" W x 11" H, and 64.75" W x 11" H) as well as one platform platform shelter ad (43 7/16" W x 76 1/2" H).


1) Scheduling meetings with the SMART train advertising team
2) Defined the campaign's goals and messaging.
3) Organized photoshoots, both with photographers as well as taking my own photos on my DSLR camera and drone.
4) Edited photos in both Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
5) Created initial drafts in Illustrator
6) Presented designs to be approved by the board committee at Dominican University.
7) Made revisions
8) Handed files off to the installation team.

Objective and Outcomes

The goal for both campaigns was to spread more brand awareness and increase brand recognition. One of Dominican's problems is that not many people outside of San Rafael know about the university. Advertising on the SMART train was a great way to appeal to our target audience, 17 - 30 year olds who live around the Bay Area.

This project helped expand the colleges recognition to neighboring cities around the Bay Area. The campaign led to a 15% increase in website traffic and resulted in an uptick in program inquires with admission counselors.

I spearheaded two print ad campaigns for Dominican University of CA on the SMART train in the North Bay Area, summer 2023 and spring 2024.

This project was aimed to increase brand awareness and drove more users to their website. This project required me to collaborate with multiple teams and stakeholders, and manage a complex timeline. I started by scheduling meetings with the SMART train advertising team to understand their requirements and templates. I then collaborated with the university's admissions team to define the campaign's goals and messaging. Next, I organized a photoshoot, including getting a permit to fly my drone for aerial photography. After creating the initial draft, I had it approved by the board committee at Dominican University. I then
made revisions based on their feedback and handed it off to the installation team. We included trackable QR codes to measure the success of the campaign.

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